April 2000

Remembering to Breathe

   April is almost over and I'm just now finding the time to begin authoring my April article.  I have struggled this month to come up with a theme that I felt inspired enough to write about.  It has also been nearly impossible to set aside an uninterrupted chunk of time in which I could work.  I have many ideas and inspirations, but not an overwhelming urge to write about any one thing, so this month I am merely going to do an editorial of sorts where I can voice some ideas and take some quiet time out to catch my breath from the hectic season upon us.

    I find myself often the silent onlooker at social gatherings.  People probably see me as unsocial...well, I guess I am.  I am not the vociferous type at all.  In fact, a friend of mine even came right out and told me that it's like I have some sort of block when it comes to vocal communication, and that I can communicate quite eloquently in written word, but tend to flounder when I open my mouth.  I love to write.  It has always been my vehicle of choice for conveying messages.  I find myself very quiet in social situations, but let me assure you, I am quite an active participant.  I am an observer...from the tiniest details in appearance to deciphering mixed messages.  I am like a sponge...absorbing information...taking it all in.  I formulate opinions and gather data from people's actions as well as their unspoken thoughts.  I guess that's my psychic side that's responsible for tuning into the below-the-surface nature of people.  I know that I have a strong sense of intuition and people are jealous of my gift, but to tell the truth,   I haven't a clue how it works or how to use it.  I don't trust my instinctive hunches nearly enough and cannot tell if I am forcing revelations or if they are coming uncoerced.  

    In light of my keenly observant nature, I find it quite natural to tune into things spiritual.  I like being aware of the subtleties of life.  I enjoy going below the surface and spending long quiet moments there.  In the hurriedness and shallowness of daily routine, the subtleties often get overlooked.  If I don't make time to devote to my spiritual life, it can easily be ignored.  It is imperative to always remember who we are and why we are here.  No matter how pressing the issues are around us: struggling with relationships, trying to meet deadlines for work, stressing out over our children, etc., we have to see these things for what they truly are and not with the same emphasis that the world at large places upon them.  Our "problems" are but tests and our "issues" are but minor flaws in the fabric of life.  It is best to remind ourselves to take a step back; to rise above the menial tasks in our lives, and view the larger picture.  Sometimes we get so caught up in events that they are all we see, much like viewing a painting from a distance of one inch.  All we see is a small meaningless pattern that we try to make sense of.  By taking a few steps backward to a distance of 5 or 10 feet and looking at the same painting, we shake our heads in confirmation and say, "Ah, that's what it looks like.  That's where I fit in.  It all makes sense now."  Then, we can go back to our focus with a new understanding of our role in the greater whole.  

    When things seem to be hopeless in my life; when situations arise that cause angst and stress inside of me, I always remind myself to rise above, to look at the whole of my life.  I see that there are no accidents and that all the trials which arise are things I must deal with and that I will survive.  I understand that I am never alone and that I have Spirit Guides to help me and that God will never abandon me if I but call upon His/Her name.  I keep myself open to the will of the Creator, knowing that by doing so, I can never go wrong.  I am constantly thankful for the things I might take for granted, for I know that all good things are gifts and I must remain appreciative at all times.  I think the main idea behind taking a step back is to evaluate our priorities.  We see how foolish it is to put our job first when our families suffer.  We see that the spiritual life which has been put on the back burner while we strive to accomplish goals is the entire reason we have been unsuccessful in reaching those goals.  When we put our spiritual life first and give value to the power of love in our lives, all else falls into place.  We live our lives by faith and not by sight.  It becomes evident to us that the sense of belief is more clear than the sense of sight and we use our hearts to guide us instead of our eyes.  When we are able to break free from the bonds of secularization, we discover our true nature,  learn what is really important in our lives, and everything we needlessly worry about seems to fall into place effortlessly.  When we remember to breathe, it makes it so much easier to live.

    ...just a few of my thoughts to share with you on this 21st day of April 2000.  Thanks for listening to me rant.  Namaste'.

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