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Who Am I Supposed to Be and How Have I turned Out?
By Gina E. Jones

Gina E. Jones is a daughter of two, sister of one, mother of one, author of one, and radio show host of Flying Higher. She studied architectural design at Louisiana State University. Her passion is metaphysics, spirituality, prophecy, and ancient civilizations. In addition to being a patent-holding product designer, the former Atlanta resident had a 27-year career as a flight attendant. She retired from flying in January 2006 and now lives in California. Her novel, Flying Between Heaven and Earth, has just been released.

Sound interesting—maybe even impressive? The more recent accomplishments would have never occurred if I hadn’t asked “Who am I supposed to be?” During a time of great restlessness and dissatisfaction with my life, I looked to the heavens, and a few psychics at the Inner Space, for the answer. I was startled by what I soon discovered.

Like everyone who is born into this world, there are expectations and decisions made on our behalf before we arrive. I know my parents certainly had grand visions of what they wanted me to do with my life. And my grandparents had even grander visions. However, while growing up—playing the role of daughter and granddaughter—this character I was portraying didn’t match my feeling of who I was. The forced lines in my family’s script didn’t match the one’s that ran effortlessly through my head. As much as I loved family, as much as I tried to be what they wanted, I discovered later in life that somehow I had already chosen who I was going to be and what role I would play on this vast stage called life. What I didn’t understand is that I chosen my character long before I joined this cast of characters called my family.

Fifty years ago when I was born in El Paso, Texas, the script for my life had already been written. My personality, my idiosyncrasies, and even my limitations had already been determined. I was born right on cue when I entered this third-dimensional drama on Earth at 11:55PM. According to western astrology I’m an Aries, represented by the Ram. In Chinese Astrology I’m a Rooster, and in Mayan Astrology my day sign is 4 Eagle.

So how do a ram, a rooster, and an eagle come together in one person?

Our society has shunned the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient civilizations and what they left behind to guide us to a greater understanding of ourselves. A strologies from around the world overflow with amazing accuracy offering revelations in understanding, interpreting, and organizing information about personalities, human affairs, and other terrestrial events. As above, so below. Even the hidden knowledge revealed in esoteric sciences like tarot, numerology, kabala, and palmistry are not fully utilized in our society. And the same can be said for psychics.

As my life played out, I too was unaware of the gift of wisdom from our ancient ancestors. Like others, I had to struggle through the grueling schooling years of brain-washing and mindless programming. I floundered in numerous unfulfilling relationships, and even contorted myself to fit certain jobs along the way. I was like so many who struggle in silent misery to understand themselves. Like others, I tried therapy to figure what was “wrong” with me—why I wasn’t happy and fulfilled by trying to fulfill everyone else’s expectations of me!

Because of fear—because of rejection, loss, and the unknown—I kept trying to be something that I was not. So many are trapped by fear—so many are desperately trying to be what others want them to be—and are dying inside.

Each of us arrives in the world with our destinies already mapped out. But it’s not determined by our families, society, our teachers, preachers or even our governments. No, it comes from a much higher source. At any given moment there are numerous planetary energies that correspond to what is happening here on Earth. As above, so below. And so it was April 9, 1957.

It is said that knowing yourself is the key to a successful life. And knowing what makes you unique and being aware of your potential is a big part of that. In the ancient Maya civilization, they understood that anyone born on a certain day actually chose that day to be born and they would have all the characteristics and challenges associated with the energy of that day. This wisdom and knowledge about who people were and why they were here was so profound, that they gave everyone the actual name of the day when they were born. Back then, my name would been 4 Eagle.

Now that is a very interesting concept! If I had known the meaning and significance of my existence from my very first breath, I would have understood what my natural gifts are, what sort of work would have brought the most satisfaction, how I would interact with others in my personal relationships, and what challenges that I would have face. I would know all this and so would everyone else, including my family!

Eagles are free spirits who escape problems by looking at them from a higher perspective. They would like to take off for parts unknown but usually have some complex relationship issues to deal with. Eagles are usually a bit ahead of their time when it comes to ideas. They are people who pioneer change and further new developments in the social world. To most Native Americans, the Eagle was a messenger that brought with it hope and faith on the wings of the spirit.

Now this part of my Mayan Astrological profile blew me away! “ Beneath their surface personality lies a set of conflicting needs. Part of them wants to please, the other is not all that happy about a compromised life.” Hmmm. Sound familiar?

It wasn’t until I had read my western astrological profile and had several psychic readings that I had ever considered myself to be a writer. That was an interesting concept since I didn’t care for English in school. Yet, this information gave me the courage to write my first book. If I had listened to my family—if I had stayed in Atlanta playing out someone else’s script for my life—my book would have never been written, nor its screenplay.

After retiring from Delta over a year ago, I have found my own wings. I’m now flying solo and it’s an amazing journey. Being a flight attendant gave me the foundation for my novel. It’s a story about an airline of angels who are here to help humanity before the end of time in 2012 as prophesied by the Mayan Calendar.

Like my Chinese symbol the Rooster, I have bravely faced the darkness, bravely faced the unknown while others were sound asleep. I have waited patiently so that I may awaken those around me at the right time when the light of day rapidly approaches! My book, Flying Between Heaven and Earth, is destined to do just that!

Has it been a smooth ride you might ask? Absolutely not! There has been a lot of turbulence and deviations along the way, but my final destination is in sight! So, please return your seatback and traytable to the upright and locked position for landing. Oops, sorry! Some things never change . . .


Who were the ancient Maya and how does the end of their Calendar in 2012 affect your life today?
By Gina E. Jones ©2006


Recently I have had many questions about life and its purpose. Maybe you have had some of the same questions yourself. Questions like—Who are we really and why are we here? Is humanity’s consciousness shifting? Is time moving faster and faster, and if so, why? Is the world at a breaking point because of terrorism, environmental damage, wars, and nuclear weapons? Are we, as human beings, truly capable of experiencing the higher consciousness of unconditional love? What does the end of the Mayan Sacred Calendar in 2012 really mean? Are these, in fact, the apocalyptic, end of time days prophesied in the Bible? How do I survive these upcoming changes? And what is my role right now in this unfolding dimensional drama?

In seeking answers to these questions, this is what I discovered. While time is flying faster towards the completion of the divine cosmic plan for Earth in 2012 as prophesied in the Mayan Calendar, efforts are escalating to help humanity through the days ahead. Earth is undergoing changes never seen before with the increasing frequency of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other catastrophic disasters. To the currently “veiled” human mind, there is no explanation. Unbeknown to the majority of humans, they are scheduled to ascend with Earth into the Fourth Dimension of Consciousness in the next five years. Unfortunately, most humans are not prepared to make this shift with the planet because of the pervasive fears perpetuated by the Forces of Darkness. Humanity’s blindness to the reality of their true existence is, in fact, creating the very situations they fear most.

Wow! Now that was quite a discovery. What does one do with such a revelation? I knew I had to go deeper into the coded message that was left behind by the ancient Maya many centuries ago for more clarity. And now I want to share this knowledge with you to help others prepare for the turbulence that lies ahead. I want people to fasten their seatbelts to ensure they make it safely through the bumpy flight to the next dimension.

The history of the Maya has, for the most part, been shrouded in mystery and speculation. Most of the Mayan texts were destroyed by the Catholic priests traveling with the conquistadors all in the name of Christianity. Four texts survived having made their way to museums and libraries in Europe. What is currently known about the Maya is to a large part based on the works of several researchers and scholars, some of whom have spent more than twenty years in the Yucatan interpreting the various carvings and glyphs left by the Maya. While some researchers and scholars may disagree on the specific date when the Mayan Calendar actually ends, they all agree that highly significant events on a planetary scale have been and will continue up to that time.

Researchers such as Dr. Jose Argüelles are convinced the Maya were not of the Earth; having traveled here from another part of the galaxy to leave the knowledge for mankind to ascend to a higher dimension. Artifacts seem to allow room for this discussion as images suggest a quite different physical appearance from current-day humans. It is my belief that today there are off-planet beings, ascended masters, intergalactic/interdimensional citizens, and angels who are still communicating with us today to help us write the final chapter our own cosmic history.

For the last sixty years or so, many of these intelligent beings have been allowed to incarnate on Earth from the higher dimensions. More than sixty million entities willingly accepted the mission and agreed to take form on Earth at this critical time to assist the transition into the next paradigm. Each came in absolute love, intending only to be of service to others. Each also came fully knowing it must go through the Veil of Forgetting, separating its consciousness from that of its higher self to create the illusion that it is fully human, subject to all the physical challenges and emotional vagaries of the space/time continuum.

What most don't appreciate, however, are the sacrifices they made to exist in this lower, egoic realm. So potent and dense is the third dimension that more than 90 percent of the Wanderers have failed to reconnect with the higher aspects of themselves and fully believe they are merely human beings.

One can spot a Wanderer almost instantly. They are salmon swimming upstream out of season, true strangers in a strange land. Wanderers are often plagued by allergies and a gnawing feeling of malaise. As children they typically display vivid imaginations and have make-believe playmates. They often find themselves outside the core of social cliques and are more apt to be loners than joiners. They develop a curiosity that may well get them into hot water—questioning authority at every level, needing to understand before obeying. Wanderers tend to have a highly developed rebellious side, intuitively realizing that most of the rules they have to follow are arbitrary and make little sense.

If Wanderers accept religion at all, they tend to gravitate toward Eastern philosophies, like Buddhism and Taoism, or the less orthodox versions of the classical religions into which they were born. They seem to know instinctively that, at some point, they will have to transcend their beliefs to fulfill the purpose for which they came. As they awaken, their understanding of the All That Is, together with their consciousness, becomes progressively refined. It is expressed as ever-purer forms of unconditional love. They expand their ability to enter these higher states of love by offering service to everyone who requests it. They elected to incarnate on Earth to assist those who wish to move up to the next dimension. That is their chosen path. Wanderers are here to help midwife the upcoming dimensional shift.

Exactly what will happen on December 21, 2012 still remains a mystery—the finite cannot fully understand the infinite—but it seems that we are receiving stronger and stronger clues. The Maya certainly placed great significance to this date. It is still five years away but our world is already experiencing unprecedented, extreme and rapid changes. The number and magnitude of "natural" catastrophes appear to be increasing exponentially. Scientists have detected extreme and erratic behavior in our Sun that in turn is having strong effects on our Earth's atmosphere and measurable effects on the other planets in our solar system as well. Could the strange rumblings at the center of our Galaxy be a cause of the weather and other changes we are experiencing here on Earth today? Will these energetic bursts increase in number and intensity as we approach the year 2012? The Maya would answer "Yes".

The Maya said that mankind will enter a new era of heightened consciousness. Perhaps on December 21 the very physics of our world will change—a transformation that will last until the dimensional shift.

Remember, my friends, it’s not all about the destination. It’s about the journey there as well. So let’s enjoy this amazing ride on the flight of consciousness into the next dimension!

Gina E. Jones

~ Talk Show Host of Flying Higher   on Late Nght BBS Radio

~ Author of Flying Between Heaven and Earth

Available now at:

Scene The Light Productions



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