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It may be something you've heard a million times or just once in passing, but it resonates with you on such a deep level that there is no denying its veracity. It's when you pick up a book and continue reading from the table of contents to the index in one sitting--intellectually devouring each word like comfort food for the soul. It is when you are stopped cold in your tracks by a television or radio program that seems to be speaking directly to you--specifically and eerily addressing something you've always suspected but never had confirmation of. It's when you meet a stranger that you feel as if you have known all of your life. It's a connection to something much, much larger than yourself. In fact, it's the awareness of a connection that exists between all of life and a feeling that you are an integral part of that connection--that you belong. It is the belief in a philosophy that perhaps you'd never been exposed to, but somehow you haven't a shadow of a doubt regarding its tenets. It is knowing and believing without requiring proof. It is faith on its purest level. It feels like being home. It is Universal Truth. And once you are enlightened by it, you can never unlearn it, even if you try. It remains a permanent part of who you are.

For me, Universal Truth came as a continually nagging interest in the "occult." I read every book I could find on spirituality and alternative health. The first time I really remember being able to put my finger its resonating pulse was when I read Sylvia Browne's "Adventures of a Psychic." Then there were Neal Donald Walsch's "Conversations with God" books. There were dozens more as well. However, it was a passion I could not fully express in my Judeo-Christian Western Civilization based lifestyle without facing a conflict-inducing series of misunderstandings that I had no desire to confront. But as many times as I tried to deny the facts with which I had previously been illuminated by, the Truth remained present, merely hidden beneath the bushel basket of societal norms and expectations. Why am I afraid to fully express my inner Truth? What unseen force is holding me back from allow my inner illumination to glow? To matter-of-factly proclaim off-the-wall ideas automatically puts one in a state of alienation and brand them a "freak." While I had no objection to being labelled a "weirdo" as a young dependent teenager, one cannot as easily assimilate the same behavior into adulthood where it's much more conducive to blend into the background and seemingly move through life effortlessly rather than boldly oppose "the system" in an attempt to swim upstream.

Even though I possess knowledge of many Universal Truths, it is not something I choose to always overtly express. I have learned that sometimes it is better to keep one's opinions and beliefs to oneself externally while consistently maintaining one's internal principles at all times. Once a person has become enlightened by the Truth, they can never fully go back. They have been changed for ever. Yes, they can live in a way that does not resonate with their enlightened knowledge, but it will inevitably create internal conflict. The Truth always remains. The Truth always prevails. When one is fully able to live the Truth, the Truth will set them free.

Whether it be spiritual, dietary, moral, fitness, health-related, intellectual, or emotional truth, I believe there is ultimately only One Truth. We all inherently possess knowledge of it within our very cellular composition. When we find it, we will know. In the meantime, we will continue to search.



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