February 2001

the search for Goddess in patriarchal Western civilization

The woman has become a cultural icon in our society:  with her ruby red lips, golden blond tresses, baby blue eyes, flawless satin skin, sculptured body, and voluptuous breasts; draped with just a hint of something tight enough to make the package even more irresistible than it already is.  She is soft and sweet, fragrant and demure.  She is successful and savvy.  She knows how to please her man.  She is both reserved and outspoken; shy and untamed.  She is the whore and the Madonna.  She is the epitome of dichotomy.  She is a clear image, present in everything from advertisements to films; magazine covers to fashion shows.  You see her on billboards and cereal boxes.  She is the symbol which women strive to emulate.  She is the woman every man hopes to marry.  She is the film star, the actress, the supermodel, and the saint.  She is the impossible reality.  She is nothing more than a cultural icon erected by men and perpetuated by women.  She is our societal representation of femininity.  It is not we who fall short of becoming the idealized woman, but she, the cultural icon, who fails to achieve the Divine actualization of femininity.

God  made us in His/Her image.  God made us both male and female--both equal representations of the Creator.  In the abandonment of  our Divine nature in the quest to become  human centric, we created dividing lines, separating the genders and further separating us from our True Origin.  Man took on the dominant role in our culture and woman became his subordinate.  Man contorted woman into his plaything, an object of pleasure.  Having economic control, man was able to compensate women to perpetuate the 'woman-as-object' image.  Women, thinking that they had the upper hand because they were being endorsed to objectify this role, obliged man's requests.  Therefore, with the societal role of women being compensated, men were pleased to remain in a position of authority while having their penchant for sensual pleasure being met, and women were erroneously thinking that they had the upper hand as they counted their money on the way to the bank.  However, neither gender was fulfilling their ordained role, as the Western civilization further separated itself from the sexual unity that God created us to emulate and perpetuate.

In some non-dominant sub-societies, there exists a more idyllic version of inter-gender relationship.  Women are not expected to look or act in preconceived ways in order to receive approval and recognition.   Women and men share economic and familial roles equally.  There is mutual respect and no gender dominates the other.  Feminine and masculine blend and meld together, creating a complimentary mixture which evokes an air of wholeness throughout each individual relationship as well as throughout the society.  These cultures exemplify Divine purpose, for they give honor to both God and Goddess.

We live in a culture who stumbles over calling God a 'she,' as though somehow it's  sacrilegious.  We, as a society, are  ingrained with the concept that acknowledging the feminine in the Divine is somehow a sin.  With our view of women as objects of pleasure, serving in roles submissive to their male counterparts, it is no surprise that we have such difficulty in accepting the feminine nature of the Omnipotent.  Until we pass beyond the cultural and media-influenced definition of womanhood, we will never fully understand or appreciate the all-encompassing role of God in our lives.  God is not a man.  God is not a woman.  God is not half-and-half.  God is without gender, and yet at the same time, fully both male and female.  God is one, unique and holy.  God is Mother and Father and All That Is.  

Our goal in life is to remember and discover our Divine connection;  our Origin;  our Source; and to live  our remembrance and discovery, without gender; without limit; without end.


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