July 2002

One Nation Under God?

One nation under God? Really? The Federal Ninth Circuit Court decision that declares that phrase (introduced in 1954 by an act of Congress within our pledge) unconstitutional has undergone fiery public derision. People lament that we have lost our “moral compass”; that “God” must be part of not only our nation, but our curriculum. Post September 11th popular movements have evolved to make God Bless America the new national anthem for our country. A wave of apocalyptic culture fueled by a fundamentalist marketing campaign has resulted in eschatological literature like the Tim LeHaye’s Tribulation Force series, which further fuels the agenda of those who would seek to make America a theistic state, based on their market-driven and constrained view of the Divine.

No matter the rhetoric… we must in the end ask: “To whose ‘God’ do we acknowledge our nation as being ‘under’?"  If we truly embrace the cornerstone ideas that created our nation and our government, then as Americans, and compassionate beings, there is no other course but to support the Ninth Circuit Court ruling…because that ruling takes the rights of all Americans into thoughtful consideration.

Although the polls state that over 80% of Americans oppose this decision, the sad revelation is that the vast majority of Americans possesses very little or no understanding of the very constitutional framework that protects their right to worship as they choose. What they egregiously fail to understand is that the federal court ruling not only upholds that right, but also affirms every American's right to be free from religious coercion.

In other words, only such a framework acknowledged by the Ninth Circuit Court's decision can truly allow for the unadulterated, TOTAL freedom to worship freely. No Christian, no Jew, no Moslem, nor any other religious adherent can forcibly impose his/her form of worship on anyone deemed to possess an "inappropriate" belief system. Keep in mind, that it is such an imposition of state sponsored religious beliefs from which the evil of September 11th's terrorism is rooted.

All Americans who acknowledge belief in a God, instead of uninformed protest to the decision, should take a quiet moment at home, in their churches, mosques or synagogues and thank their God, that America is not a tyrannical theocracy, but rather a "democratic republic" that protects the rights of all - even the minority that exercises their free right to not believe in a God.

As a final note, in the event my viewpoints are mischaracterized as emanating from an atheist, I must clarify that I hold a powerful and unshakable belief in God. As a Christian of the Catholic faith tradition, I pray to a God who is not a divine punitive arbiter, but rather the very presence of love in my life. I pray to a God who does not seek vengeance but rather eternally offers forgiveness. And I pray to a God who does not extort us with fear of eternal damnation, but rather passionately exhorts us to lead a life of loving kindness for the simple sake of creating a world of good will for all.

I do NOT pray to a God, whose adherents violently threaten and terrorize those who oppose their beliefs. The plaintiff in the law suit which brought about the controversial pledge decision now sadly confronts the ignorant rage of those who not only seek to destroy him, but the very foundations of our freedom by their actions. I do pray that we as a nation become better informed and appreciative of the original inspired ideas that built this country. It is only through the embracing of such knowledge, that our republic as created, will ultimately survive.

[ This month's featured article was submitted by an anonymous source. ]

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