July 2005

Sex is not a Four-Letter Word
Jennifer N. Ayers

The lack of morality and the devaluation of faith have spawned a resultant skewed image of sexuality. There is an inherent human need to express our sexual nature. However, because our culture provides inappropriate negative reinforcement of misguided sexual ideology, we, as a culture, are unable to fully understand, express, or explore our sacred sexual nature.

The sacred connection between lovers that is not fostered has become lost. Seekers craving the intimate bond are often driven to engage in criminal sexual conduct because of an inability to fill the void with the societal “norm” of sex. Instead of giving sexuality its rightly elevated status of Divine, sacred ritual, it is merely treated as a shallow instinct much like eating or scratching an itch: base human desires which can be instantaneously gratified without much thought or commitment.

It is no surprise that our world has become littered with a filthy attitude about sexuality. The pictures of sex all around us selling us everything from tacos to sneakers tell us that even inanimate objects possess a sense of sexual magnetism about them. It assumes that we all want to attain that power for ourselves also. And, just like the objects we crave, we objectify ourselves in the process. Our sexual energy becomes misused in this process and instead of gaining power, we are losing it.

Sexuality has become a prime marketing tool. Sellers have tapped into our innate drives, manipulated them, and have used our own biology to foster capitalism. Gender roles have become skewed with the current power resting asymmetrically in the masculine realm. Meanwhile, women are striving to emulate the image of the whore in order to achieve what they consider to be “power” in their male-dominated world.

Changing this societal attitude of sexuality, like most things, begins on the inside. We must change our attitudes and beliefs about our bodies, our purpose and our sensual nature. We must elevate our self-esteem to a level where we truly believe that we are all Divine beings, a physical manifestation of a Greater Spirit. We have to stop buying into the cultural absurdities that we have adapted to be absolute truths, breaking out of an ingrained frame of reference which has served to limit, control, and devalue our true nature. It is all about believing in the sanctity of life, respecting ourselves and those around us in a way that is both honoring and uplifting.

We are on this planet to serve a Divine purpose. We must discern for ourselves what that purpose is. Although each of us is an individual spirit, we all also all part of One Spirit which is our Creator. When two beings merge together in intimate union, doing so with the knowledge that this connection they are creating is larger than either of them individually, they are fully experiencing the true nature of sexuality—it’s Divine nature. When two spirits unite, they are no longer two, but one spirit. Sex is not just about the body. The physical body is merely a vehicle that our spirits use to reconnect to our Source. When we fully connect with another, we experience a connection with something far beyond ourselves; we touch the face of God.


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