May 2000

    Does God Laugh?        

        He sits stoically on his ornate golden throne, clutching a scepter in his right hand, a lightning bolt in his left.  His beard is snow white, full and thick; his hair glistening white, shoulder-length.  On his brow is fixed a stern look of disdain.  Angels surround his throne and wait on him hand and foot, bringing him his robe, slippers, and maybe even a pipe.  We call him "Father" and "Lord."  We are taught to fear his wrath and obey his commands.  We are instructed to follow his rules or encounter his judgment; perhaps inflicting upon us a severe punishment for our flawed ways; our sinful natures.  We praise him out of duty and honor him out of necessity.  We are told to love him with all our beings, even though he could invoke his wrath upon us at any given time.  Our view of God creates guilt, doubt, and fear: the things we are told to never give in to.  This Michelangelian view of God infiltrates our perception and paints a false and contradictory picture within us.  That picture sometimes interferes with our ability to truly perceive the wholeness and greatness that is God.

    We were created in God's image.  Our very natures are derived from the life that is God.  We were made male and God's image.  Therefore, we can say that the essence of God is both Mother and Father.  God cannot be contrived into a patriarchal figure wielding power like some sword.  The true nature of the Creator is transcendent and omni-gendered.  This is not a God who condemns sinners.  This is not a God who destroys the misguided.  This is a God of infinite patience and love.  This is Love itself.  God is ever-forgiving; guiding us gently along the path when we seek to do His/Her will and allowing us to make mistakes if that is where our free will guides us.  God lives in us and through us.  We are God and God is far beyond us at the same time.  

    Created in this image, we have been given our personalities and traits by our Divine One.  God is All Things...without end.  To own a view of our Lord as cold and harsh is a limiting view that humanity has blindly accepted.  Let's question that view.  This awesome, incredible, boundless God of ours...can He/She be anything but dynamic and extraordinary?  God must know a billion jokes and not only tells them, but thinks they are funny as well.  After all, why wouldn't He/She?  God created humor.  God created laughter.  God created all those wonderful things we enjoy so well that plague us with guilt...things like sex and hunger and desire.  What we do with those sensations can be deemed either beneficial or detrimental.  But all in all, God created them and they are a part of His/Her very image which He/She instilled in us.  We are created out of All There Is: the very fabric of God.  The emotions and thoughts inside us are creations of the Creator.  They are not some "human invention."  They are not something to be hidden or ashamed of.  They are no less than Divine.  WE are no less than Divine.  We are God...and God laughs.  God cries.  God experiences what we experience and lives experientially through us and in us.  We cannot know the mind of God, but be assured, God knows our minds perfectly well.

    Expanding on this image of God as ever-present in our lives and ever-experiencing the world through us, I have to recall a recent experience.  I, too, get trapped in the Michelangelian God-view sometimes myself...I guess it's cultural.  Anyway, while working on a JavaScript (an Internet programming language) program with which I was having difficulty, I stopped and after finding no answers and becoming rapidly frustrated, I prayed that God would help me to come up with a solution.  I had to question whether God knew JavaScript or not.  Then, I reassured myself that God knew all things...why wouldn't He/She know JavaScript?  So, after taking a short break from my tedious programming work, praying with renewed confidence that God would know how to help me, and having faith that He/She could help me with something I never considered God would be able to help me with, I got back to work.  Within minutes, I had come up with an idea that solved my programming dilemma.  I was so delighted.  I knew that God had intervened.  I thanked Him/Her and praised the God of Moses, the God of Abraham, the God of Issac, and my God...the God of JavaScript.  I knew that it was an amusing thing to say and think, yet how true it was.  I smiled at my statement.  God thought it was amusing as well and shared in my moment of joy.  God wasn't sitting all high and mighty on some distant, cold throne being served by angels at that moment.  God was with me at my computer, guiding me and sharing in my happiness.  We solved my problem and then we just spent some time together and had a good laugh.

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