November/December 2001

 Love is All There Is

God is Love; God is All There Is.  Therefore, it serves to say that Love is All There Is.  Without love, we have nothing; we are nothing.  Love is life-giving, nourishing, sustaining...  Love brings warmth and healing.  Love is the opposite of fear.  It allows us to experience life and connect with other members of the body.  

When we deny the existence of love and choose not to practice it, we disacknowledge our divinity.  To not love is to walk away from God, to turn our backs on our Creator.

Often, it is easier to practice the reflexive behavior of lashing back when someone lashes at us.  Hate is an easy reaction to have when someone treats us or someone we care about adversely.  Although it takes more effort to react with love, the effects and benefits are long and far reaching.

When one considers that God is love, it only makes sense that we, too, are somehow exhibiting God in ourselves each time we choose to love.  Love is the highest and best good that we can achieve here on earth.  We should all strive to emulate love in every aspect of our lives by showing others acceptance, care, consideration, support, encouragement, and affection.  When we reach out and touch someone's life with our own, the ripple effect of our selflessness goes on and on.  It goes beyond our walls and borders and echoes out into the world.  

Think of this:  you can only love God as much as you love the one you love the least.  Yes, it is not easy.  Yes, it takes effort, but like any habit (good or bad), it becomes more natural the more we do it.  So, in this Season of Peace amidst the cries of war, let us do all we can to bring God to life in our homes, cities, and to the world.

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