Intuitive Knowledge...

Love alone can unite living beings
so as to complete and fulfill them...
for it alone joins them
by what is deepest
in themselves. 
All we need is to imagine
our ability to love developing
until it embraces
the totality of men
and of the earth. 
          Teilhard De Chardin

Sometimes I feel alone in this world. I can see so many people searching for answers I already have. I can share what I know, what I've learned through the experiences which have shaped who I am. I can reveal the hidden path. What I cannot do is make anyone believe the truths I've discovered along my journey. Each soul journeys alone. Each entity creates its own truth. Beliefs are earned, not given.

Life is but a series of challenges intended to perfect our soul. God lives in us, through us. The wisdom of the Almighty is enhanced through the composite of all human experience. Each life brings us new challenges while perfecting and overcoming previous challenges. Each existence brings us closer to God.

We learn and grow by engaging in meaningful relationships. We discover our true purpose and meaning when we listen to our inner voice; learn to trust our hearts despite external influences. When we ascertain our true purpose and take active measures to pursue it, against opposition which challenges us, we are fulfilling our vocation.

In understanding and owning the concept that God is love and we are God, ergo we are love, we can fully comprehend the true value of love. In a culture which analyzes each component into its elemental parts; which must support each idea with a vast array of research, done in a precise and systematic way, it is difficult if not at times, impossible, to convey that love is real. The intangible, immeasurable qualities of life, which in fact carry the most significance, are often overlooked or dismissed due to the lack of puritanical evidence to support their existence and value.

Most major religions and philosophies operate under the pretense that we must be patient, joyful, loving, forgiving, prayerful, meditative, self-sacrificing, empathetic and live productively toward achieving a greater good for the betterment of all. In return, we will be filled with peace, happiness, and satisfaction for our efforts. We are told be faithful, knowing and believing in the things we cannot see--cannot prove. Our faith and persistence will result in our eternal salvation. Our spiritual motivation is given little worth in the dollars-and-cents, self-serving, dog-eat-dog, climb-the-ladder-of-success, he-who-dies-with-the-most-toys-wins, materialistic society.

Against the grain of modern culture, and sometimes seemingly against our own better judgment or fears, we must always concentrate on the Higher Power. We cannot be content living in the contrived world of immediate gratification. We cannot glean practical, long-lasting, deep-meaning philosophies from primetime television sitcoms. The Higher Power we seek is not to be found in some vast, nameless space. It cannot be found in the lives of prestigious people. It cannot be discovered in our career, in our families, in our church, or in our marriage. The Higher Power is inside each one of us, waiting to be found.

After conquering the initial challenge of self-discovery, it is imperative that we do not doubt our own God-given, inherent knowledge. We must not second guess our intuition. What is real is not the apparent material world, but the invisible realm of spirituality, encompassing the worlds of knowledge, passion, emotion, and creativity. This is how we must live: honor the spiritual, living not for what is immediately apparent, but for what is guiding us from within our heart. Know that the greatest power in the universe in love and that with God and faith, all things are possible.

This does not mean that we are to be unhappy in this life; to sacrifice all in the hope of an eternal reward. If we live unfulfilled, how can we possibly bring meaning and love to others? We must all live as examples of God's great love for us. We must pursue our goals and bring our dreams into light. Knowing that we are living God's will for our lives, fulfilling the greater purpose, we can be assured that God will provide well for us. Our Creator will fill us with great peace, love, and joy, that we may use it to touch others and bring that peace, love and joy to all the world.

For in that sleep of death
what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause.  
          Hamlet, Act III, Sc. 1

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