Philosophy of Self

by Starr-Rhapsody Christian Sapphire Jordan Aurora Drama/Dublin Breen-Goddard

Who I am and what I have become...
I am the possibility of all things good and unique. In myself I have created no limitations, and in order to achieve true success and happiness, I have the deterministic will to bring my life into the state of perfection, or as close as is humanly possible. To others, I am a dreamer, a weirdo, a psycho, and a schoolgirl--to mention only a few. The person I am to myself varies dramatically from the views of others. I see myself as iridescent, uninhibited, intelligent, spiritual, serious, poetic, emotional, energetic, and weird. Of course, these are merely some of the good qualities. Call it conceit if you will, I believe that it is the essential self-esteem which Maslow suggested was the building block of self-actualization.  
Because of the risk-taking I partake in, I have been called morally unbalanced, but to be a clean slate all my life would be unbearable for me. The desires and dreams of my heart are very deep and serious. They shine within me as brightly as Altair, my star of the southern sky. Perhaps that is why I can best relate to the celestial glories around me...

Eight of Ten

Number seven
Number three
A perfect ten
He was to me
Far away
So unseen
A sudden dream
The mind alone
Has lured me in
The body tempts
Pulls me to him
Polar fields
Magnetic love
Attracted with power
Magnetized love
How the unbalanced
Accelerates me so
When he stops
I'll keep on, to go
I'll happen to crash
Into a wall
And realize I'm hurt
I took the fall
It's better to risk
To take the chance
To face the music
And then to dance
Than to sit as one
To internally moan
And passively dream
To dream alone

[ 10-27-88 10:24AM ]

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